Cybersecurity-Digital Forensics

Programming on a computer to represent the Network Security and Computer Forensics degree at Central Maine Community College

Working with state-of-the-art networks and hardware, students in the Cybersecurity-Digital Forensics associate in applied science degree gain a strong background and skills in computer technology and networks. The program focusing on securing, testing, and analyzing information as it is stored, manipulated and communicated across networks.

The Cybersecurity-Digital Forensics program is designed to prepare students to address the ever-increasing needs of businesses in the area of technology security. Students in this program can choose to transfer to a baccalaureate degree program or go directly into the workforce. The curriculum is designed to prepare students for a multitude of industry-standard certifications, for which many of the exams can be taken on campus.


  • Network security officers
  • Network security analysts
  • Network administrators
  • Forensic analysts
  • Computer managers
  • PC repair technicians

All students enrolled in the CNS A.A.S. degree will be subject to a criminal background check. A criminal conviction will not automatically prevent a person from being accepted into the program.

Alignment of program learning outcomes to courses in the program.

Transfer Agreements for Cybersecurity-Digital Forensics

Bachelor of Science in Computer Systems Administration

University of Maine Fort Kent

CMCC Degree Program: Cybersecurity-Digital Forensics

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