Mission, Vision & Values


Central Maine Community College provides quality, accessible college education and lifelong learning opportunities by offering career and technical education; education for transfer to the baccalaureate level; and services to support economic development and community vitality.

To achieve the mission, Central Maine Community College offers:

  • Career and technical education that prepares students for employment and continued education
  • Education that prepares students for transfer to the baccalaureate level
  • Lifelong learning opportunities to area residents to improve workplace skills, enhance job and career prospects, and enrich their lives
  • Services to support economic development and community vitality
  • The highest quality services while maintaining the broadest accessibility to our students and community


Central Maine Community College is committed to enduring excellence as a comprehensive community college; dedicated to student academic, career and personal success in preparation for the career opportunities of tomorrow; focused on continuous self-evaluation and improvement; and strengthening the open-door philosophy of educational opportunity.


The College is committed to ensuring ALL aspects of the College contribute to the achievement of our students’ aspirations and goals and that we continuously strive to reach and sustain excellence.
The College upholds the foundational principles of equity, respect, personal integrity, and honesty and responsibility in scholarship.
College faculty and staff shall model the professional behavior we expect of our students; they will exercise judgments that are fair, consistent, and equitable and maintain a focus on the best interest of the students and communities we serve.
The College is committed to keeping costs low and ensuring that all programs and services are readily available to all, including persons with disabilities. The College works to ensure an equal opportunity for all to attend and succeed in college in order to build a promising future and a vibrant workforce and economy.
Student Centered – Student Success
The College values diversity and inclusiveness and promotes an environment that recognizes the unique backgrounds, perspectives and talents of our students and is committed to an academic program that meets students’ changing needs.
 Value Change
We prepare our students for a rapidly changing economic landscape by building the academic, career and technical skills needed to ensure success in employment or future study.
Campus Stewardship
The College is committed to sustainability and maintaining a safe, clean and modern campus that can maximize the learning experience of our students. The College is committed to providing the most up-to-date technology to enhance instruction for the future workplace.








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