Course Listing

Our interactive course listing allows you to easily see all available courses we have for the current semester! Browse or use the course listing search box to find a class in your area of interest. Students not admitted into a program of study should use the course registration forms below to register.

Course Registration Forms
  • Course Registration Form (Use this form to earn credit that can fulfill degree requirements)
  • Course Audit Form (Use this form to audit a course that does not carry academic credit and cannot fulfill degree requirements)

The Registrar’s office is happy to offer assistance; call (207) 755-5292. Prior to registration, review the College’s add/withdrawal and refund policies and procedures.

How to Use the Course Search

You can easily narrow down the list below through either one of these methods!

  • Use the search box below to enter any key words of interest (e.g. online, hybrid, county or location of interest, etc.)
  • Click on any table header to sort by column.

Looking for more information about a course?

  • Click the green circle next to the course to expand further information including description & textbook requirements.

Fall 2018 – 8-week and late start:

  • For Fall I, enter “10/20” in the search box. This indicates the last day of the Fall I semester.
  • For Fall II, enter “10/22” in the search box. This indicates the first day of the Fall II semester.
  • For Late Start enter “9/24/2018” in the search box. This indicates the first day of the Late Start semester.

Winter Session registration opens for all students on November 5th! Please see the academic calendar for all registration dates for the Spring Semester.