The Office of Institutional Research

The Office of Institutional Research is the official source of institutional data related to the College. The office handles a wide array of reports required by state and federal authorities along with information and data requests from internal and external organizations. The Director conducts numerous surveys of student satisfaction in order to provide data for strategic planning, program review and benchmarking projects with which CMCC has partnered.

For data inquiries, please contact:

Brianna Doyle
Director of Records & Institutional Research
Freedom of Information Officer
(207) 755-5358 or

Program Reviews

The Maine Community College Board of Trustees recognizes the importance of continuous improvement in the pursuit of excellence through self-evaluation and assessment. The objectives of the program review process are to attain the highest quality of education and service; to assure its graduates possess the occupational and academic skills required by employers, and; to provide an experience that inspires lifelong learning.

The Board of Trustees retains the authority to review each academic program offered by the colleges. Each college shall evaluate such academic programs every five years and report such evaluations to the appropriate committee of the Board of Trustees; provided that, academic programs accredited by a national authority and evaluated by such authorities pursuant to a site visit or report(s), a college need only inform such committee of the evaluations provided by such authorities.

The Program Review Report to the Education Committee of the Board of Trustees of the Maine Community College System apprises the governing board of the outcomes of the review of academic programs of study offered by the Community Colleges. This appraisal is facilitated by a report which includes a brief program description, program data, targeted career and continuing education opportunities, strengths, challenges, and planned steps for continuous improvements.

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