Online Learning

Online learning at Central Maine Community College offers you the opportunity to achieve your educational and employment aspirations, all from the comfort of your home or office. Whether you prefer 100% online learning or hybrid courses (a blend of in-classroom and online), we have the right solution to meet your needs!

Central Maine Community College is pleased to offer several associate degrees that can be earned 100% online and many programs that offer online courses in addition to on-campus requirements. The flexibility of online learning makes earning a college degree more of a reality to many of our students who work, care for family or who live a long distance from campus.

Real People, Real Support

Online students receive flexible scheduling, academic advising, tutoring, and financial aid assistance – all available online or phone – from Central Maine Community College faculty and staff. We’ll partner to help you enhance your career and life through earning a degree. Online learning at Central Maine Community College meets all academic policies and requirements established by the College including those related to course content, learning objectives, student expectations, grading policies, and student feedback to faculty.

100% Online Degree Programs

We offer the following programs completely online. Click each program to learn more about the curriculum and online option.

100% Online and Hybrid Classes

We offer numerous classes both 100% online and in a hybrid format. Check out our Catalog of Courses and simply sort by Course Type, or type “Online” or “Hybrid” into the search bar above the table.

Hybrid Course Option

Hybrid courses are a great choice for those looking for the flexibility of an online course, with some traditional in-classroom learning. Hybrid courses are scheduled in the traditional classroom but a percentage of the course content, including exams, quizzes and instruction is delivered online.  Students are required to attend class on campus but less often than a traditional course. Similar to online courses, specific technologies employed in hybrid courses will vary by course and instructor. Likewise, the percent of in-class and online instruction will vary by course and instructor.

What can I expect?

Online courses are similar to classroom courses. Online students, 100% online or in a hybrid course, are most successful if they are are self-motivated, active in online participation with the instructor and other classmates, organized, and disciplined.

Students should have basic knowledge of computer usage including:

  • Internet access and use
  • Word processing
  • Email
  • Downloading and uploading files

Students access primary content and instruction from an online environment using a variety of tools including:

  • Email
  • Chat
  • Discussion boards
  • Web pages
  • Multimedia technologies

Specific technologies employed will vary by course and instructor. Depending on the teaching style of the instructor and the course content, instruction can take place synchronously (all participants in the course log in at the same time) or asynchronously (participants log in and participate as their schedule permits), or some combination of the above.

You will be responsible for:

  • Logging in regularly to obtain and review materials
  • Participate in discussions
  • Take exams
  • Submit assignments
  • Meet due dates and deadlines set by the instructor

You will be able to interact with your instructors and classmates and will have access to your course materials 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  Students who do online learning follow the same academic and college guidelines as those who take in-classroom courses.


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