Digital Badges


A digital badge is a unique and portable digital representation showing successful completion of a competency based skill. Skills eligible for digital badges could be technical and directed towards a specific industry or career; alternately, soft skills such as communication styles, research, and understanding behaviors to provide high quality customer service are additional examples of competencies that are assessed prior to a badge being earned.

Students are encouraged to showcase earned badges via online platforms, allowing employers to visually acknowledge and understand the skills mastered in predetermined competencies. Individuals build their online digital badge portfolio, while simultaneously creating a tangible way to supplement a resume and show qualified, intangible skills to employers.

How does this benefit learners and employers?

Learners benefit by earning important credentials quicker than traditional professional development or academic programs. The badges provide foundational skills essential to gaining employment opportunities. Digital Badges contain information linked to the individuals skills. For example, a badge might include samples of the individual’s work, serving as a digital portfolio.

Industry Partners benefit by being actively engaged in program creation. Candidates for positions in their organization will have validated competencies rather than relying on a resume and employment application for proof. The just-in-time nature of training programs also means employees earn credentials quicker, and with fewer time constraints typical of traditional academic programs.


In the grid below, please use the following as a reference:

Level I courses are Foundational skills, indicated by one small star on the digital badge.  Level 2 courses are Intermediate skills, indicated by two small stars on the digital badge.  Level 3 courses are Advanced skills, indicated by three small stars on the digital badge.  Macro Level courses are Mastery skills, indicated by one large star on the digital badge.

To see scheduled dates, times, and costs associated with the courses required to earn a digital badge, view our course schedule. Contact the Center for Workforce and Professional Development for answers to additional questions about digital badging!