Academic Advising

Get to know your advisor as soon as possible after starting college and start off on the right foot. Your academic advisor is your partner, helping you navigate your academic needs and guide you toward accomplishing your academic goals. This close partnership helps create long-term success for the student.

Full or part-time students admitted into a college program at Central Maine Community College are assigned an academic advisor in your program of study.  Your academic advisor will:

  • Partner with you to create an academic plan and schedule to best meet your needs, while maintaining progress in your program of study;
  • Meet with you to periodically to review your academic status and progress;
  • Review and approve registrations for official enrollment with the Office of the Registrar;
  • Review and provide advice on your plans for adding or withdrawing from previously approved courses;
  • Maintain “matriculation worksheets” based upon the program catalog requirements in effect in the first semester of your enrollment;
  • Refer you to appropriate College personnel when necessary.

How to Find Your Advisor

You can find your advisor on CMConnect by logging in and clicking the “Students” tab.

The Center of Advising and Registration

The Center of Advising and Registration located in Jalbert 400 provides students with a welcoming atmosphere of guidance, information, and support in their academic journey at Central Maine Community College.

While the Center of Advising and Registration academic advisors are the primary advisors to General Studies students, they are available to all students in any program. We strongly encourage students to stop in, say hello, and get familiar with our campus-wide academic advising team.



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