Life Sciences

The Life Sciences associate in science degree is designed to provide students with a broad, general survey of scientifically accumulated knowledge. Students completing this degree can enter the workforce as scientific technicians or transfer into science, technology, engineering, or math (STEM) majors at baccalaureate institutions with a primary focus on biological and life sciences.

The Life Science program provides appropriate course sequencing for transfer to a four-year college or university, reinforces and deepens core learning across the curriculum, and supports and strengthens the STEM infrastructure of the College. Students in this program have the opportunity to transfer to a four-year college or university after graduation. Central Maine Community College has an articulation agreement with the University of New England (UNE), allowing eligible CMCC graduates to apply all credits from the Life Sciences program toward one of 15 bachelor’s degree programs at UNE.


  • Major chemical and biological topics in Life Sciences
  • Effective communication of scientific ideas, assumptions, observations and results in oral and written form
  • Critical thinking and problem solving skills through application of scientific principles
  • Appropriate laboratory procedures to generate and analyze quantitative and qualitative data to form conclusions
  • The safe and proper use of scientific instrumentation, measuring devices, chemical reagents, media and tools to collect relevant and quality data
  • The relationship of the Life Sciences to other areas of study and be able to make informed ethical choices


Graduates can find employment as scientific technicians and in other entry-level positions in science/laboratories. Program graduates may want to consider transferring to obtain an advanced degree with potential employment as: pharmacists, dentists, biomedical engineers, biochemists, environmental scientists, biologists, etc.

Alignment of program learning outcomes to courses in the program.

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