Board of Directors

Mark Adams, President & CEO, Sebago Technics

Paul Andersen, Board Chair, Androscoggin Bank

Christine M. Bosse, VP & Branch Manager, Bangor Savings Bank

JoAnne Campbell, Senior Vice President, Mechanics Savings Bank

Shanna Cox, President/CEO, L A Metro Chamber of Commerce

Laura Davis Rinck, President, Rinck Advertising

Fred Frohardt

Robert Gaudreau, ’79, Vice President, Hardypond Construction, Inc.

Aimee Goodwin, Owner & Creative Director, Warp + Weft

Jennifer Hogan, President/CEO, Community Credit Union

Bertrand LaBonte, CPA, LaBonte Financial Services

Ronald Lebel, Esq.

David MacMahon

Ray Martel, President, Spiller’s Wide Format Solutions

Chip Morrison

Chip Roche, President, Newfab, Inc.

James Simones, Owner, Simones’, Inc.

Bruce Tisdale, President, Mountain Machine Works

Michele Tribou, Owner, Heidi’s Brooklyn Deli

Celeste Yakawonis, Owner, Party’n with Plants Maine


Christine Bosse, chair
Bruce Tisdale, vice chair
Bert LaBonte, treasurer


Dennis Barriault, Sr.
Doug Boyd

Diane Marquis Monaghan
Ed Cormier

Jane Norris
Theresa Samson
Richard Roy
Rick Vail
Roland Sutton
Bud Willey

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