Gift Opportunities

Your gift – large or small – makes a difference! Please review the different giving opportunities we provide, and contact us anytime to learn more.

Annual Fund

Annual Fund gifts are the easiest and most popular way to support the CM Education Foundation. These unrestricted donations allow the Foundation to use funds where they are needed most, and are the backbone to serving the mission of the Foundation.

Donate online or mail your check to:

CM Education Foundation
1250 Turner Street
Auburn, ME 04210

Please do not mail cash.


Endowments are the gift that keep on giving. These types of gifts serve as a long-term option to ensure continuance of the Foundation’s mission of helping students at Central Maine Community College. Endowments allow continual investment of capital, with generated interest used to issue grants to students. As the capital is continually invested it helps ensure your gift is a permanent source of funding.


The Central Maine Education Foundation accepts gifts of securities and stock. Stocks can be transferred to the CM Education Foundation electronically or by mail. Please contact the CM Education Foundation for all information needed for a stock transfer from your broker to a fund at the Foundation.


The CM Education Foundation may accept an in-kind gift if the asset can be used by the College or our students. Donors are required to obtain a qualified appraisal complying with IRS regulations for the purpose of establishing value for federal income tax purposes. This includes the preparation of Form 8283, required for non-cash charitable contributions. The Foundation does not pay for legal, tax, appraisals or other services on behalf of the donor. For more information on claiming a charitable deduction for gifts in-kind, please contact your tax preparer.

Estate Gifts

Estate gifts are part of planned giving, done while the donor is living. Donor’s may opt to make gifts to the college after the donor’s death, often through a will, an externally-managed trust, retirement funds or life insurance policy proceeds.

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