Maine Hardware Supports CMCC Program

December 2, 2020
Truck filled wtih donations from Maine Hardware with masked students and instructors.

CMCC Facilities Supervisor Dan Graham unloads a pallet as BCT department chair Don Varney and Tim Currier from Maine Hardware look on. Maine Hardware donated three pallets full of small hardware supplies to the BCT program at CMCC.

Maine Hardware of Portland, a hardware and home improvement store providing tools, fasteners, building supplies, and appliances, recently donated a large amount of small hardware supplies to the Building Construction Technology (BCT) program at Central Maine Community College (CMCC).

The BCT program at CMCC prepares students for successful employment in construction-related fields. Through a combination of classroom study, mock-ups, and live projects, students obtain hands-on experience and become broadly familiar with methods, standards, and codes commonly associated with the construction industry. The jobsite track provides students with alternating on-campus training with paid, on-the-job experience.