CMCC Students Earn Next Gen Scholarships

August 17, 2018
July 2018 TRIO students win college scholarships from Next Gen Personal Finance

Front: Kayla Thayer of Auburn; Amber Lewis of Lewiston; and Micayla Hill of Minot. Back: Kelly Pinette of Brunswick and William Rolfe of West Paris.

Five TRIO students have been honored as the first collegiate recipients of Next Generation Personal Finance (NGPF) Scholarships. To earn NGPF college scholarships, students participated in an online activity offered by NGPF called “Payback Challenge”. Each student wrote an essay about how the activity generated dialog in their family about budgeting for college.

The “Payback Challenge” originated as a high school contest, and NGPF officials credited TRIO Advisor Jannie Durr for bringing it collegiate. Jannie’s advocacy led NGPF officials to select five students from the TRIO program at CMCC.

The federal TRIO program focuses on assisting first-generation, low income, or disabled students to succeed in higher education. TRIO staff help students with academic advising, time and money management, financial aid, accessing college resources, and access to cultural enrichment opportunities.

NGPF is a free personal finance curriculum and professional development partner that helps educators deliver essential money understanding in an easy-to-grasp, engaging way. More information is available at