Nursing Students Take Test in Parking Lot Computer Lab!

April 29, 2020

Thirty-two second-year nursing students at Central Maine Community College (CMCC) took an ATI exit exam recently in the “parking lot computer lab” at the College. This enabled them to take the test with proper social distancing and the required faculty proctoring. The students completed the exam while sitting in their own vehicles, connected to the college’s Wi-Fi. This exit exam, which is factored into the students’ final grade, is also a predictive test designed to mimic the NCLEX (National Council Licensure Examination) the students will be taking in the near future.

While the CMCC campus has been closed due to COVID-19, any students who lacks such access at home are able to get free Wi-Fi in the parking lot lab. They can also borrow a laptop by calling the IT department. An IT technician then brings a laptop to them, all the while observing proper safety protocols.

Nursing students after completing the ATI exit exam

CMCC nursing students Elsie Marston, left, and Autum Koch, right, are pictured here right after they completed the ATI exit exam in the “parking lot compute lab” at the college.