CMCC Announces “Return to Campus” Plan

July 22, 2020

Central Maine Community College has a plan for the fall semester.

In a message to students, President Scott Knapp and Vice President Betsy Libby outlined what they can expect on campus given the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

On-campus instruction will be limited to those students whose courses require hands-on learning in a shop/lab or demonstrations on equipment located on campus. All courses that can be taught remotely will be. Shop and lab spaces will be set up to meet physical distancing needs, and parts of the class, such as lectures, will be online.

The College hopes that limiting access to campus, in addition to public health measures, will help expand the number of people who can be on campus in the spring semester. To minimize exposure to the virus, everyone on campus will be required to follow safety protocols, including wearing face coverings inside buildings and maintaining a safe physical distance from others. Details about those protocols are posted on campus entrances and on the Maine Community College System COVID FAQ page.

The colleges’ academic calendar will not change, with classes scheduled to start on Aug. 31 and end Dec. 18.

More information on CMCC’s fall reopening is available here. You can also read more in the Sun Journal.