Update: April 16, 2020

Coronavirus/Covid-19 update as of April 16, 2020

A Message Sent to Students from Dean of Student Services Nicholas Hamel
Student Support; Summer Session Online; Internet & Computer Access; Returning Rented Books; Graduation Info; Student Activities; Financial Aid.

Dear CMCC Students,

I hope remote learning is going well.  If you are having technical problems or challenges navigating eLearning, please contact your instructor or email studentsupport@cmcc.edu.  CMCC staff are monitoring this email seven days a week and you can expect a prompt reply to assist you.  The Remote Learning Tab on CMConnect, which has information on accessing eLearning, navigating online courses, virtual tutoring, and so much more, is another resource that can help you.


At the current time, there will not be face-to-face summer classes. The course schedule in CMConnect has been updated to reflect that summer classes will be delivered one of the following ways:

  1. Online
  2. Hybrid – some required Zoom sessions blended with online instruction. The days/times students are required to be available for Zoom are listed.
  3. Synchronous Zoom Class – all instruction will be delivered via Zoom when the class was scheduled to meet face-to-face.

If you are enrolled in the summer term, please look at the schedule in CMConnect to see how your course will be delivered and when you are required to be on Zoom, if at all.  The majority of instructors chose to move their course online and most of the instructors who chose the hybrid option are meeting via Zoom one day per week so the opportunity for you to take additional summer courses is greater since there are less time conflicts now.  I encourage you to look at the revised summer schedule.  If you have questions about your summer class, please email studentsupport@cmcc.edu.


If you do not have internet, below are two options I want to remind you about:

  1. CMCC’s parking lot computer lab is set-up behind the College Store.  Students can connect to wi-fi and borrow a laptop if needed.  For more information on the parking lot computer lab please visit the Remote Learning tab in CMConnect or email studentsupport@cmcc.edu.
  2. Free open wi-fi is available at the parking lots on this list: Map of free wi-fi parking lots.


You can return your rented books to the CMCC bookstore through the mail. If you go to the website https://cmcc.bncollege.com/ there is a banner on the top of the screen that says COVID-19, click on that and follow the directions. There are free Fed Ex labels you can print for rented book returns.


If you are eligible to graduate in May, please complete the Graduation Confirmation form located on CMConnect’s Student Tab.  Nearly 200 students planning to graduate in May recently completed a survey where over half indicated their commencement choice is to postpone the ceremony until a later date.  Based on this feedback, every effort will be made to host a graduation ceremony in the fall if it can be done safely.  Since it is unknown when the current restrictions about large gatherings will be lifted, it is unlikely a decision will be made soon.  If it is determined a face-to-face ceremony cannot be held, the other options presented in the survey will be explored.  One way or another, the College will formally recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of the CMCC Class of 2020!


In this time of social distancing, remember to take care of yourself and stay connected.  Many student clubs are meeting virtually and the first Zoom Mustang Student Hangout was held Monday.  Student Hangout sessions are for any student and provide an opportunity to connect with fellow students.  The Zoom links for these weekly events are provided in the Mustang Message that is sent every Monday morning.  What about a fitness class?  The Mustang Fitness Center staff is hosting virtual fitness classes which can be accessed by emailing mustangfitness@cmcc.edu.  And lastly, be on the lookout for announcements about virtual gaming events.


If you haven’t yet, please complete the FAFSA for the 2020-2021 academic year.  Maine residents who want to be considered for funds from the Maine State Grant Program need to complete their FAFSA by May 1.  Visit FAME to learn more about this grant: Maine State Grant Program.  There is information about additional scholarship opportunities in this week’s Mustang Message.

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