Question 5

Question 5 on the November 6th ballot will make critical investments in all seven of Maine’s community colleges, providing access to a low-cost education that delivers the skills Maine people and Maine businesses need to prosper.

Question 5 asks:

“Do you favor a $15,000,000 bond issue to improve educational programs by upgrading facilities at all 7 of Maine’s community colleges in order to provide Maine people with access to high-skill, low-cost technical and career education?”

How will the bond directly affect Central Maine Community College?

Central Maine Community College will receive $2,503,755. This funding will be used specifically to:

  • Renovate and expand the Nursing simulation labs;
  • Renovate the Automotive Technology wing and classrooms;
  • Improve energy efficiency and install a back-up generator.

For the seven colleges within the Maine Community College System, Question 5 invests in:

  • New and expanded occupational programming tied to good jobs in the Maine economy;
  • Renovation and expansion of instructional laboratories and classrooms;
  • New instructional technologies;
  • System-wide improvements in information technology; and
  • Energy upgrades and efficiencies leading to long-term savings.
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How Will Question 5 Affect Other Colleges in the System?