Substation Technician Apprentice

  • Full-time
  • Maine
  • December 31, 2022




Substation Technician Apprentice



·  Assist in installing, repair, and testing all types of electrical and/or mechanical apparatus, including transformers, regulators, control equipment, relays, and other substations equipment, and to a limited extent, line and protective relaying equipment.

·    Works under supervision on or adjacent to energized equipment per the safety standards.

·    Obtains a general knowledge of substation equipment and works with the tools, equipment, and instrument of the trade.

·    Learns to prepare such records as necessary and become familiar with switching procedures and operation of substation equipment.

·    Work from blueprints, instruction manuals, schematics, and manufacturer’s bulletins, to install, layout, repair, and/or maintain all electrical or mechanical systems pertaining to apparatus equipment.

·    Must be able to work from elevated structures.

·   Must be able to work in inclement weather.

·   Performs other duties as assigned.


QUALIFICATIONS/REQUIREMENTS: •Must hold a valid driver's license and qualify and hold any other permits or licenses required. •Must be able to communicate effectively, have good teamwork skills, and able to understand, comprehend and follow directions in the workplace •High awareness of safety and compliance with company safety rules is required at all times *Travel to work locations as assigned.

How to Apply:

Contact: Kaleb Roy
Phone: (207) 570-3578

To apply for this job email your details to: