Update: March 18, 2020

Coronavirus/Covid-19 update as of March 18, 2020

Access Points for Main College Buildings

The College’s main buildings are open to current students between 7 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. We are trying to keep each service office* open with minimal staffing. For the purposes of general security and traffic flow, the only doors to the campus that will be unlocked during normal College operating hours are the following:

  • The entrance door by the Bookstore
  • The entrance door by the Dining Commons
  • The entrance door at the front of the Tower
  • The entrance door at the side of Kirk facing the parking lot

*As a reminder the following services are not available at this time:

  • Center for Testing and Assessment
  • Passport Acceptance Office
  • Mustang Fitness Center; includes gym access and community fitness classes
  • Esports Arena
  • Gymnasium
  • Athletic Fields
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