Late Start Semester

The Late Start Semester begins September 23rd! Visit for all information.

Start your journey on September 23rd with our Late Start Semester. Enjoy great courses that fit your busy life.

Individuals not admitted into a program of study, use the course registration form or course audit form to register for a class.

COM 100 10 Public Speaking MON & WED 11:00 AM – 12:55 PM Auburn Campus
3 Credits (3 Lecture 0 Lab 0 Shop)
3 Hrs/Wk (3 Hrs. Lecture) *15 wks
This course provides the student with training and experience in researching, organizing, and presenting various types of oral presentations. Topics covered include audience analysis, speech organization, delivery techniques, and the use of visual aids, including Power-Point. Narrative, informative/ demonstration, persuasive, and group presentations are required. Speeches are videotaped for student review.
ENG 105 11 College Writing Seminar FRI 8:00 AM – 1:25 PM Auburn Campus
4 Credits (4 Lecture 0 Lab 0 Shop)
4.5 Hrs/Wk (4.5 Hrs. Lecture) *15 wks
College Writing Seminar is designed to expose students to the range of writing most likely to be encountered in the academic setting, and the skills most helpful in writing for all purposes. The course provides students with detailed, intensive instruction and practice in writing clear arguments and expository prose. Students will receive instruction in planning, organizing, and basic academic composition. Emphasis is on the writing process, revising and editing. Students are expected to use the library to research a contemporary issue and use either the MLA or APA citation style to document sources. This course is taught in a computer lab and requires regular use of the internet and computer applications. Prerequisites: Scores of 59-67 on Reading Accuplacer and scores of 5 or higher on Writeplacer or completion of ENG 090.
MAT 100 54 N Intermediate Algebra Online Online Online
3 Credits (3 Lecture 0 Lab 0 Shop)
3 Hrs/Wk (3 Hrs. Lecture) *15 wks
This course covers the fundamentals of algebra including the real number system, solving equations and formulas, graphing equations, systems of linear equations, factoring and fractional expressions, quadratic equations, exponents and radicals. Prerequisites: MAT 050 with a C or higher or HS Algebra I (C or better) and minimum 40th percentiles on Arithmetic and Algebra Assessment and Placement Tests, or Math SAT 510
POS 160 51 N Introduction to International Relations Online Online Online
3 Credits (3 Lecture 0 Lab 0 Shop)
3 Hrs/Wk (3 Hrs. Lecture) *15 wks
This introductory course is about the theory and contemporary history of global politics from an international relations perspective. Subjects include:
the nature of personal leadership, the environment, power and decision making; causes of terrorism, war, peace, and relations between national security and domestic political stability; economic development and trade management, technology and the global revolution in communications and interdependence and ethnic and religious identities in regional and global politics.
PSY 101 05 Introduction to Psychology TUES & THURS 2:00 PM – 3:55 PM Auburn Campus
3 Credits (3 Lecture 0 Lab 0 Shop)
3 Hrs/Wk (3 Hrs. Lecture) *15 wks
This course is an introduction to the study of human behavior and its application to everyday life situations. Among the topics discussed are physiological foundations of behavior, altered states of consciousness, emotion, learning, and thinking. Using these topics as a basis for discussion, students will further explore the following topics: personality, interpersonal communication, confl ict, group processes, behavior disorders and therapies, and industrial psychology.


The Registrar’s office is happy to offer assistance; call (207) 755-5292. Prior to registration, review the College’s add/withdrawal and refund policies and procedures.

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